The architectural style of the Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School boasts state-of-the-art facilities with a central dome connecting three wings – the Administration, Elementary and Middle/High school wings. The dome serves as an all-purpose meeting place for the students. The Elementary building houses a Computer laboratory, Science laboratory, and a Home Economics laboratory, in addition to ten classrooms, an Arabic library and the office of the social counsellor. The Administration building houses the Principal, Deputy Principal, Finance, Registration/Admissions, Board Room and a Professional Development room. Next to the central building is a separate Kindergarten building with a large Activities Hall, large classrooms and its own playground. On the other side of the central building is the cafeteria and separate Multi-Purpose Hall that includes Physical Education facilities and a professional stage, curtain, with audio and light technology.


A shaded swimming pool is adjacent to the Multi-Purpose hall. The swimming pool


The Middle school building houses 9 classrooms, an e-Class, and the Elementary Art class. To meet the growth and demand on the school, the school further extended with the High School construction comprising a two storey building. This double storey building houses twelve additional High School classrooms, a Computer lab, Home Economics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories and a two storey state-of-the-art, fully equipped library as well as support offices. The High School buildings include another e-Class each with the latest technology to meet the school objectives and values.